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Bakes is a Bay Area-grown, San Diego-based lyrical genius with prowess as a witty and prolific songwriter. Crafting optimistic, introspective, and intelligent rhymes sets him apart from other artists as his versatile style allows him to explore a wide range of subjects and topics in songs. Audiences say Bakes reminds them of a young Nas with his lyricism and poetic wording. With accolades such as #3 on VEVO’s “Incoming Hip-Hop” playlist with his music video for “Divine Timing,” GQ’s “10 Songs to Sweat To” with his song “Effortless” and a placement on Lord Sear’s New Artist Spotlight, Bakes is also featured in top tier music blogs such as The Hype Magazine, HipHopWeekly, and Thisis50. This year, he plans to release a new solo album plus other projects.

"My Opinion" (live performance)

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